What is State Question 777

If approved by voters in November, State Question 777, the so-called “Right to Farm” measure, would largely exempt the agriculture industry from oversight by the state of Oklahoma. SQ777 would prohibit the Oklahoma legislature from passing laws that restrict or regulate agriculture. It could have a profound effect in many areas such as our food, water quality, water rights, soil, fish and wildlife, property rights and more.

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Our Voices Count

The industrial agriculture industries’ efforts to force over-reaching so-called Right to Farm initiatives like State Question 777 in Oklahoma continuously claim that they are the unified voice of farmers and ranchers. Anyone opposing these efforts are labeled as animal rights and environmental extremists.


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Protect Our Water Rights

Protecting our natural resources is a core function of government. Several years ago, the state of Oklahoma sued major poultry companies over the chicken waste that had degraded the water quality of the Illinois River. Oklahoma won that suit, the chicken producers cleaned up their act, and today that scenic river is far cleaner than just a decade ago.

Under the language in SQ777, such a suit would be far more difficult, if not impossible, to win.

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Keep Our Traditions

Just as Oklahoma has a long tradition of farming, hunting and fishing loom large in our state’s culture. SQ777 would restrict the state’s ability to regulate agricultural pollution, which could have profound effects on our streams, rivers and lakes. It could also impact the state’s ability to manage logging and forest resources. Under the language in the state question, the rights of hunters and anglers in Oklahoma would be second to those of corporate agricultural interests.

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Supporting Agriculture, Opposing Bad Policies

Oklahomans for Food, Farm, and Family is a local coalition, consisting of the Oklahoma Municipal League, Oklahoma Farm & Food Alliance and the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma, dedicated to educating the public regarding the perils of State Question 777, the proposed amendment to Oklahoma’s Constitution providing a blanket exemption to the agricultural industry for new laws and regulations.  We are 100% locally funded and organized with supporters in every corner of Oklahoma from all walks of life.

As local farmers and ranchers, we are concerned about SQ777 granting special privileges to large, foreign-owned agricultural operations.  As chefs and consumers, we are concerned about what goes into our food and how it is raised.  As local officials, planners, and economic developers, we are concerned about SQ777 infringing on our rights to responsibly develop property and provide safe, clean drinking water.  As hunters, anglers, marina operators, and lake and river sportsmen, we are concerned with unchecked agricultural pollution of our lakes and streams.

Our Coalition

Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma

Food & Farm Alliance of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Municipal League

Others Opposing SQ777

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments

Cherokee Nation

Seminole Nation

Trout Unlimited

Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Chickasaw Nation

Muscogee Nation

OKC Farmers Market District

Our Voices Count on State Question 777

Krystina Phillips

Krystina Phillips

Attorney & Partner at Indian & Environmental Law Group

“State Question 777 is a gigantic invitation to our federal government to come into the state and regulate Oklahoma entities. As Oklahomans, I think it’s widely held that we value local control and local input, and it seems to me that SQ777 is in direct contradiction to these values and goals.”

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Rooted Farms

“As a local produce grower with customers focused on knowing where their food comes from, I’m concerned with State Question 777 because of food transparency. My Voice Counts.”

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