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Tulsa World Opposes SQ777

This weekend, the Tulsa World’s editorial board released an endorsement against State Question 777 (SQ777), joining a vast number of farming, government and environmental organizations opposing…

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China is Making Big Ag Acquisitions in the U.S.

While 98 percent of Oklahoma farms are family-owned, the other two percent of farms sell 90 percent of the product according to USDA’s agricultural data. With Big Ag taking over agriculture in other states, removing farming regulations – as SQ777 will – can have a negative effect on water quality and more…

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OK Farm Report: SQ777 Features Vague Language

Unlike similar amendments that have been passed in North Dakota and Missouri, SQ777 includes a phrase that allows interference on the rights it guarantees, only if a “compelling state interest” can be made. Ferrell regards a “compelling state interest” as a reason that basically outweighs the amendment…

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