We stand opposed to Oklahoma State Question 777. Our Voices Count.

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Oklahomans must not agree to give up our rights to demand action and accountability from our elected state officials and state regulatory agencies. It is imperative that the Legislature continues to consider and enact laws and regulations on agriculture practices that impact public health, water and air quality, soil conservation, property rights and other critical issues.

We are all part of the food system in Oklahoma, either as producers or consumers. We have a vested interest in determining what goes into our food and how it is produced. State Question 777 takes away food transparency and turns over food production standards to large, multi-national corporations.

While we wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate the role of the agricultural industry to the economy and culture of the State of Oklahoma, SQ777 grants special constitutional protections to an entire industry not enjoyed by the rest of the citizens of Oklahoma and takes away our ability to protect our property rights, water quality and food safety.

Our Voices Count.

We will be voting NO on SQ777 in November to protect our water, our property and our rights. Join us and make your voice count. See who opposes State Question 777 below.

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