Our Voices Count: On Opposition of SQ777

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The industrial agriculture industries’ efforts to force over-reaching so-called Right to Farm initiatives like State Question 777 in Oklahoma continuously claim that they are the unified voice of farmers and ranchers. Anyone opposing these efforts are labeled as animal rights and environmental extremists.

As you see below, farming and ranching organizations across the nation are expressing their opposition to these corporate ag bills. John Hansen, President of the Nebraska Farmers Union says:

“We know independence is tied to being independent, and we know that means being able to stand on our own, and being as self-sufficient and self-reliant as possible. We also know that our traditional American system of independent, family farm and ranch owned and operated agriculture is at the core of Farmers Union is, and what we are all about. Farmers Union is about the business of working together so that we can be truly as independent and economically self-sufficient as possible.

…Our traditional system of food production is in a winner take all war with the vertically integrated, industrialized meat processing industry and grain trading industry over the control of all food, including meat and grain production. [sic] When we are dependent on take it or leave it poultry, hog, or cattle contracts that we have no real control over for our livelihood, we have lost our economic independence. While we fight for a more level playing field for the farmers who sign these one-sided take it or leave it contracts, this is not the marketing system of our choice.

This issue puts Farmers Union at odds with most of the commodity organizations and the “other” so called general farm organization. So be it.”

Our coalition members share these same sentiments. We support Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers and are committed to preserving our independent and healthy food system and natural resources. State Question 777 has very little to do with preserving small family farms and everything to do with resource extraction and unregulated industrial practices.

From Oklahoma’s mayors and tribal leaders to restauranteurs and marina operators, we stand opposed to State Question 777. Our Voices Count.

We will be voting NO on SQ777 in November to protect our water, our property and our rights. Join us and make your voice count. See who opposes State Question 777 below.

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